Virtual Class: Brushmarking Florals by Aquarryl Studio

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An easy watercolor painting tutorial for beginners that is designed and structured to be informative yet comprehensible.

The course comprises of process videos on how to achieve several watercolor techniques. It has no audio, however, a caption is provided in some parts for instructions and explanations.

Go through the entire module in your own time at your own pace, anywhere. No fuss, no stress! Have fun!


*See fun contents below*


Updated Contents:

Watercolor Materials: What do I use and where to get them (37 pages including swatches and brushmarkings of different brushes)

Anatomy of Brush (1 PDF)

Brush Marking (5 Videos)

Brushmark Workbook (4 Pages PDF)

Introduction to Pigment Properties (PDF)

Floral Arrangement as Guidelines (2 Pages PDF)


Watercolor Techniques in Floral Painting (8 Videos)

  1. Graded Wash
  2. Variegated Wash
  3. Softening Edges
  4. Wet on Wet Roses (39 mins)
  5. Wet on Dry Roses (37 mins)
  6. Multiple Technique: Anemone Half Wreath (25 mins)
  7. Negative Painting: Wisteria (32 mins)
  8. Salt Technique: Sakura (35 mins)

Paint Along: Different Leaves (11 Videos)

  1. Fern
  2. Flowy Leaves
  3. Jagged Leaves
  4. Round Leaves
  5. Slender Leaves
  6. Small Leaves
  7. Small Round Leaves
  8. Split Leaves
  9. Variegated Long Leaves
  10. Variegated Jagged Leaves
  11. Whimsical Leaves
  12. Filler

Paint Along: Different Florals (13 Videos)

  1. Achillea
  2. African Lily
  3. Aster
  4. Bottlebrush
  5. Columbine
  6. Cyclamen
  7. Iris
  8. Marigold
  9. Michaelmas Daisy
  10. Scabious
  11. Thistle
  12. Wallflower
  13. Bouquet

5 reviews for Virtual Class: Brushmarking Florals by Aquarryl Studio

  1. Queen

    Aquarryl’s Google Class is truly a blessing for busy people like myself. To be able to watch Jovy’s videos again and again while on the go (while on traffic or at home) will leave you in pure awe at how good someone can be. After watching, I felt inspired to try myself. Having the fundamentals (strokes, leaves, flowers) lined up is definitely a must have for every beginner. I cannot expect my works to be instantly wonderful but with practice and constant inspiration from Jovy’s modules I know I can be better. Thanks for sharing this with the world Jovs. We need more people like you!

  2. Caroline (verified owner)

    I am very blessed by the generousity of Jovy’s willingness to impart all that she knows about watercoloring. Every video illustrates how we can paint. The pdf documents are very useful as they give a detailed overview of understanding watercolor. Her motivation to get us to do homework allows me to have confidence that I can paint and improve with practice. Thank you Jovy for teaching me!

  3. Lisa Lin

    I have been following Jovy for awhile now and so thrilled she decided to offer her class online!
    The class is given in snack size and is easy to follow and she also let me into how she make her magic happen on paper.

  4. Cathy L. Astuto (verified owner)

    Cathy Astuto-February 23, 2019

    I was enthralled from the first time I saw Jovy on Instagram. She is a master at floral watercolors and a joy to watch her paint. I was so happy to see she was offering classes. Jovy is a great teacher who starts with the basics and moves on slowly. I’m so happy to have this opportunity to learn florals from her.

  5. Britney Dionisio

    One of the things I realized after taking up Ate Ryl’s online classes is that it does not blatantly point out that you’re a beginner. Or new to it. It caters for everyone, regardless of experience. There is no time limit to learn. No constantly looking over your shoulder, panicked, that everyone else gets it faster than you do. You work at your own pace.
    As a student with unpredictable schedules and workload, being able to have online classes for my passion is a dream come true. I mean, attending actual workshops is great. There’s face-to-face interaction, criticism is instant, and there’s no lag when getting answers for questions. But going to workshops mean going to the place, at a specific date, at a specific time. It’s easier to look up techniques, despite it being weeks since I’ve tried. Art is mostly about constant practice and improvement, afterall.
    Is it worth it? Definitely. Will I be getting more classes? If the budget allows, I see no reason why not. What you’d learn is worth way more than the price to be paid. Excited for what’s to come!

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