Virtual Class: Skyscape & Watercolor Trees by Jovy Merryl


Learn how to paint skies and trees using watercolor! This class is designed for beginners and intermediate.

The course comprises of process videos on how to achieve several watercolor techniques. It has no audio, however, a PDF documents is provided in some parts for instructions and explanations.

Go through the entire module in your own time at your own pace, anywhere. No fuss, no stress! Have fun!



**See description below for more details and contents of this class**


Class Contents;

Part I

  • Agreement
  • Introduction

Part II: Watercolor Supplies  & Things You Must Know

  • Watercolor Materials I use and Where to Get Them (37 pages)
  • Pigment Workbook
  • Reading Materials

Part III: Brushmarkings and Watercolor Trees

  • Brushmark Workbook
  • Brushmarking: Different Pressures (5 videos)
  • Paint Along Videos: Watercolor Trees (10 videos)

Part IV: Skies & Clouds

  • Watercolor Techniques and Washes (PDF)
  • Watercolor Techniques and Laying a Wash (5 videos)
  • Skyscape and Clouds (11 videos, 189 mins in total)

Part V: Freebies:

  • Extra Videos Tutorials (5 videos, 106 mins)


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