Floral Painting Using Triangle Brush in Google Classroom by Play Crafts


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About the Artist

Beth is the person behind Play Crafts. She started with scrapbooking and card making. From then on, she conducted Calligraphy workshops and Floral Painting workshops using different media such as watercolor, gouache, soft pastels and acrylics. And now, her workshops are in Google Classroom.



Learn Floral Painting using the Triangle Brush in Google Classroom.

If you have a watercolor set or a gouache set, a triangle brush and watercolor paper then you are set to go in this class. You will learn to

  1. mix colors,
  2. brush strokes made by the triangle brush,
  3. and paint flowers such as cone flowers, corn flowers, birds of paradise, carnations, tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, and roses.

Classwork contains videos that you may watch any time and study at your own pace.
The online class does not expire.

The Google Classroom for Triangle Brush Workshop contains the following classwork:

I. Tools and Materials
II. Hand-out in PDF format
III. The Triangle Brush
IV.  What is Gouache?
V.  Color Wheel
VI. Brush Strokes
VII. Paint Along: Corn Flowers
VIII. Paint Along: Cone  Flowers
IX. Paint Along:  Poinsettias
X. Paint Along: Cherry Blossoms
XI. Paint Along: Birds of Paradise
XII. Paint Along: Carnations
XIII. Paint Along: Peonies
XIV. Paint Along: Tulips
XV. Paint Along: Hydrangeas
XVI.  Paint Along: Roses
XVII.  Practice Exercise
XVIII. Final Project: Bouquet




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