Online Class: Digitizing on Procreate by Vince Art Studio


Floral Art by @aquarryl, Digital Art by @vinceartstudio

A beginner friendly online class  in learning how to procreate designed for newbies exploring digital art. The class contains 16 audible video tutorials for better and effective learning.

Learn how to procreate at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. Follow along with the videos and enjoy the process!

*See fun contents of the class below*



Video Tutorials (with sample outputs for most of the tutorials)

  1. Basics of Procreate App
  2. Helpful Gestures
  3. Adding Text on a Procreate Project
  4. Digital Calligraphy
  5. Adding Aesthetics to Calligraphy (Shadows, Glows, Highlights, Metallic Effect and Splatters)
  6. Different Ways to Color Inserted or Written Text
  7. Creating Textures to Inserted or Written Text
  8. Interlacing Text to Text
  9. Interlacing Text to Photo
  10. Easy Mandala Art
  11. Watercolor Effect Calligraphy
  12. Digitizing a Handmade Artwork
  13. Creating PNG – Artwork Elements
  14. Making New Artwork from Created Artwork Elements
  15. Creating PNG – Mockup Elements
  16. Making Mockup Template and Inserting Digitized Artwork to a Mockup Template



  1. Watercolor Calligraphy Set for Procreate
  2. Top 5 Favorite DIY Procreate Calligraphy Brushes
  3. 10 Pre-made Mockup Templates


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